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No Snow, So...

As a freshman in college, I wrote a short collection of silly poems for kids a la Shel Silverstein.

This is one of the entries.


No Snow, So...

It was lonely one hot summer’s day,

for my friends had all gone away.

So I made up an excellent plan

to build a grand snowman.

But the sun was too bright,

and the clouds were too white.

I knew there would be no snow.

My plan had no place to go.


But I am creative and smart,

and I figured how to start

my excellent plan

to build a grand snowman.

I took all the ice cream I could find,

and then I mashed and combined.

Mounds of the treat piled high,

wanting to reach the tip of the sky.

The snowman began to take shape,

but, from the sun’s rays, there was no escape.

He began melting and dripping.

I began sliding and slipping

in the snow man

soon to be no man.


I wanted to make a new friend,

but I just wound up eating him in the end.

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