Evan Baughfman


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Cheesy Teenage Haikus

These examples of haiku were written around Valentine's Day at Age 17 for my English class.  Boy, are they embarrassing.




Like the hyena’s

on the hot savanna, your

laughter is wondrous.


Running many laps

’round a track, when all I want

is to go to you.


Peanut butter and

jellyfish do not mix well

but we surely do.


When I stare at walls,

I see you there, which shows why

I walk into them.


If I knew how to

sing, I would for you; but I

can only write words


Yes, my grammar bad,

my speling iz wurse, but I

stil in luve with yuu


Trees fall in the woods

each day…Poor trees, they must die

never knowing you


Many ask, “What’s this

life for?” It’s to find someone

half as good as you